Sunday, 11 August 2013


Nothing has plagued the Muslim Ummah today more than inferiority complex. A man is shy to identify with his Islamic culture, we are a nation of Eeman, of Tawheed, of best possible morals, our teacher is the most perfect human, Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, yet we suffer a complex? The Ummah's biggest enemy is a concept, and that's the concept of identity crisis. We simply dread being rejected by our peers, so we follow the crowd even if it's contrary to the path of righteousness.

A man's loyalty is to his Creator (Allaah) but today we have men who are absolutely loyal to satanic systems and lifestyle.  Perhaps, deep inside he doesn't wanna expose his back side by sagging his pants, but in a desperate bid to look sophisticated he disobeys.Perhaps, deep inside she doesn't wanna expose her nudity but in a desperate bid to belong with the big girls she openly disobeys Allaah. This is what the Ummah is facing!

The absence of sound moral compass and the feeling of self-worthlessness. When a man denies himself d ability to reflect upon the gifts Allaah has bestowed upon him, he becomes a confused slave shackled by his whim,When we buy new clothes, we are anxious to put them on simply because we identify with their beauty and elegance why then do we shy away from Islam? We can write whatever we want 2 write, until&unless the Muslim youth sits himself down and starts appreciating the gift of Islam we will go nowhere. Why do we waste the gift of Islam, the gift of eeman, billions will wish they had this when they see the Blazing Fire of Jahannam"

Since when did the Muslims rush to other civilizations for dress code? Since when did the Muslims start rushing to other civilizations for morals and ethics? Since when did the Muslims look for role models outside the fold of the Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلم, his Sahaba(RA) and those who follow their footsteps?Identity crisis and the clash of civilizations. We simply don't value the gift of Islam given to us by Allaah hence we are shy to identify with it, When u love a football club, you wear its jersey, or keep its logo or talk about it, or becomes fanatical about it. Do we really love Allaah?  Touch everyman that's born into a Muslim family, he tells you my ancesstors are Muslims and I am also a Muslim but sadly that's all about it. Look around us, young girls and boys whose approach to life is alien to Islamic culture yet they see it as cool and trendy. If what we see around us of youths ashamed to be identified with Islamic dressing doesnt make us to shed tears I'm afraid our tears have dried. If I cannot be proud of my Islam by identifying with, imbibe its teachings and disseminating them then I don't deserve this gift called Islam. Allaah is watching, He is fully aware of how we detest His Laws and He is waiting for us and we can never escape this meeting. We love to be identified with anything of this world but Islam. I'm a Doctor, I'm an architect, I'm a lawyer, I'm an engineer but Sunnah I detest" Subhanallaah!

What really are we thinking about? That I will live my life the way I want not as dictated by Allaah and expect to attain success.My heart bleeds when I hear people talking about the Hijab! the beard, men of Da'awah; with denigration of their personalities. Just because you dont have enough patience to withstand the blame of the blamers, the mockery of the jesters, you simply don't want to identify with Islam, Most youth are not ashamed to be identified with immorality and that's what has defined our landscapes today, but sadly they dread to come near the Sunnah. A lot of people just need that sincere person that will walk up to them, respect their human nature and whisper silently in their ears that they are wrong. How do we tackle the distorted ethical orientation of most youth? How do you make someone appreciate her body by not exposing it?, How do you explain the honor of a Muslim to a Muslim youth, so that he/she comes to terms with Islamic responsibilities on them? How will our parents answer before Allaah when they actually see the dress code their children have adopted and they frown not at it? How can we convince ourselves that we really love Allaah if we simply cannot be proud to identify with His religion?

Oh my sister! No matter how tight your outfits are, someone is walking naked somewhere and someone is covered as Allaah commanded her to, so your attitude that, it's just the 'in thing' doesn't affect anything in the Court of Allaah. Obedience is for our own benefit not Allaah's, Allaah is Well-Acquainted with all that we do, and He will inform us of everything that we do."You really will never impress any man with a sane and balanced understanding if you expose your nudity. You will only attract men that are scums. I pity the destiny of any man who sees honor and respect in the life of the enemies of Allaah while he laughs and mocks at the Mu'meen, The Day of Ressurrection draws near, None besides Allaah can avert it (or advance or delay it)- Surah an-Najm Q53v57-58" The Hour has drawn near-Surah al-Qamar Q54v1"Closer and closer to mankind comes their Recknoning; yet they heed not and they turn away-Surah Al-Anbiya Q21v1

The Prophet(p) said: You and the Last Hour are as close as these two (fingers)-Found in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad.

My last words: Don't ever be ashamed to be identified as a Muslim in both your deeds and appearance. I've written what I've written and I ask Allaah to forgive and you. The mistakes therein are from me and Shaitan. Allaah&His Rasul(pbuh) are free from them.May Allaah unite us in Jannatul Firdaus.

*May Allah forgive brother Olagunju. Such a passionate writeup. May Allah guide all us. I hope you have benefitted from this just as I have. This is a re-awakening. A jolt. May Allah have mercy.
JazakAllahu khairan jaza'a Sherrifdeen.

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Salam aleykum.


  1. Hmm...lenghty though but worth reading.. May Allah make make better muslims...

  2. Allahumma amin.
    One thing that got my attention was" How do you explain the honour of a muslim to a muslim youth so that he or she can come to terms with the islamic responsibilities on them.The situation of things is really disheartening, I pray that Allah(s.w.t) helps us increase our iman, improve our reasoning and rectify our affairs.(Rabbana taqabbal dua) amin.
    As for the writer jazak Allah khoiron may Allah make more of such good easy for u amin.
    And umm khaleel jazak Allah khoiron jaza'a

    1. Ameen. Such a deep statement I tell u. Allahu musta'in. Jazakallah

  3. Kazeem Ilias Abiodun13 August 2013 at 10:36

    thought provoking...! the problems of unnecessary westernization contribute a lot to the issue at hand. we equate "westernization" with "civilization", thereby copying everything from the west; whereas, we can actually civilize without westernizing. After all, copying nudity from a white lady does not make you white more than sleeping in a garage makes you a car. Even, the west copied some of the ideas of Islamic civilization and westernized same. why do we then fail to realize the beauty of our own Islamic civilization, embrace it and identify with it? May Allah assist us. (Amin). May He continue to bless and enrich the brother that benefited us with this write-up in knowledge and wisdom .(Amin).